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Stacey Vernon

Celebrity Stylist

Hair Tips

Ladies as we approach the fall this is the PERFECT time to start nourishing your hair, began a routine, and most importantly trim your ends.

Let’s start with some great tips to prepare your hair for winter months all while establishing a healthy hair routine

Tip #1


It’s not something that you do only when needed. 4 times a year it trim at least 1/8 of an inch of my clients ends to increase nourishment, absorbing capabilities, and put your hair on a schedule. Believe it or not your hair acts as any other part of our bodies. It will respond better to a routine vs only when necessary. Think of it like this. If you want to maintain a certain body weight, it’s much more difficult to maintenance your targeted weight when the only time you change your habit is when you’re already over the desired weight. So as with any other routine it’s best to keep a schedule than to start/stop it and only doing it when it’s out of your desired goals.

Tip #2

After your trim, this is the perfect time to also adopt a “nourishment” routine. ESPECIALLY when the seasons/weather is changing. I encourage my clients to adopt a routine that includes amino acids, protein and moisturizer balance. In the fall our hair has been through the heat of the summer and the biggest complaint is “my hair was so dry over the summer” or “the heat really soaked up my oils and moisture this summer” or the most heard concern why is my hair so dry during the summer?


As with ANY other habit we foam we must start with a baseline foundation to achieve best results. So I pursue a routine that includes building a moisture lock and nourishment from the inside out and a routine PRIOR to when we need our hair to be at its strongest.

  • vitamin B

  • Amino acids

  • Protein

Tip #3


Your hair is just like any other part of your body. It will perform at its best if you’re giving it a routine that’s CONSISTENT. Just like when you workout your muscles and you do regular routine exercises and you stick to a regimen your body develops a level of understanding, ability to endure your routine and ultimately your results. Your hair is the exact same way. So let’s start a healthy journey now. Especially when the weather is starting to change and this is the best time to prepare your hair for the next seasons to come.


Extra Tips:


1) I use a private label product line called Straight Request.

And being that this hair is NOT of an African decent most people mistakenly use black hair products that actually takes away the natural state of the hair. This being of Asian decent the best products I’ve used are

John Frieda’s Dream Curls line

Paul Mitchell’s products


2) Personally in my opinion I teach my clients to use plain water using a spray bottle for application. This again is Asian decent RAW hair and simple things that are done helps make this hair last even longer. But if the curl pattern is in need of more than a little water and my Power Gloss by Straight Request then I suggest using a 1/2 water and half styling foam mixture to avoid the unnecessary build up of product.

Straight Request carries 3 types of foam

- Set and Bounce foam (soft but long lasting hold)

- Grand Stand (firm setting foam)

- Silky Milk Plus (extra firm hold used more on the deep wave bundles)

Alternative products

- John Frieda Dream Curls Styling foam

Again try and stay away from the traditional black hair care products because these products tend to have a bit more oil than needed for RAW bundles


3) Straight styles are simply maintained with the Power Gloss and Stay spritz using a 400 degree or higher flat iron. This is why I teach aftercare being a regular routine of a edge scarf and silk bonnet to maintain the style done initially. The best maintenance is the less heat and products you use and the more you utilize your bonnet and edge scarf routine your style will last longer making it less you have to do to the hair


4) All bundles can be colored but here’s some good advice for coloring RAW bundles

Cambodian Raw hair has the least amount of melanin making it the easiest hair for custom color. Indian Raw is the most durable of the 3 but must be done in steps to ensure to not over process the hair. And Burmese Raw bundles are the least one to be colored. This is because of its fine, soft texture and the color process will make this hair appear damaged and dry.


5) ALL 613 bundles come with more maintenance than the natural colored bundles. This is true for ANY 613 hair. Most people have often mistaken the dry look of the hair to mean the hair needs oils. But what’s needed is products that will add moisture vs oils to the hair to maintain the healthy look of the 613 bundles.


6) My aftercare is drilled into my clients as the MOST IMPORTANT steps to keeping a flawless appearance. I give my clients everything they need to help me help them have this look. This includes the promise of wearing a SILK/SATIN bonnet and a silk edge scarf at night. This is the simplest part of the nightly routine.


7) I advise clients to use their best judgment when wanting to swim. I suggest that they can get in water and the hair can withstand pool/beach water at a minimal point. As with your natural hair would be subject to damage from excessive amounts of chlorine or salt water the bundles will not be as well maintained. But if you choose to get the hair wet the best way to returning the hair back to its original state is to RINSE RINSE RINSE the bundles to remove the chlorine or salt water. My clients have been able to protect their edges with a scarf (fashionable one of course WHICH I OFFER as an additional post care product) which help protect the installation and to just be “cute” while at the pool or beach vs deciding to taking a dive in the deep end saturating the hair


Raw bundles has its advantages that will always outweigh the traditional Brazilian virgin hair that’s currently the most used. Using RAW Bundles offer a longer lifespan and is reusable for 3-5yrs if treated with care.

In my experience and learned research Raw bundles are an investment that makes the most sense based on the cost that’s spent on RAW vs Virgin hair. What one most focus on when deciding if RAW bundles are for you is the amount of hair you can’t wear but for 2-3 months and is discarded because it can’t be restored back to its original state. Next time you can go back and think of how many wigs or bundles have you purchased in a year and my clients as well as myself will tell you that they reuse their raw bundles for MONTHS at a time before switching ONLY to allow for the bundles to be washed and/or for a different look. And we recirculate our wigs and bundles over and over again. It’s all in the education and simple routines that are key to the success in your investment. Myself and my clients are constantly giving feedback on simple ideas to assist each other with maintaining their hair to help build RAW bundles reputation as well as helping each other truly save money in the long run. I also say everything isn’t for everyone but this is almost a no brainer when you look at the advantages of investing in hair that is designed to hold it’s value. My ambition it to get my queens to become more educated on ANY hair that they choose to use and with the right amount of education, and understanding of the products this will allow them to make a decision based on facts.

Tips of the week 
1. When shopping for hair, having specific knowledge about the origin of your desired hair will be key to you achieving the look and longevity you desire. For Example:

- Cambodian hair is easiest to color because it contains the least amount of melanin and will absorb colors throughout for a more balanced result. - - - Burnese hair is a fine and wispy type hair this is best used for a short low volume style. Best for short (under 10inches) bobs or even a short tapered cut. Not good for long length style. This hair will highly disappoint with long style due to the amount of brushing you will have to do to keep from tangling and/or untangling the hair throughout the day 
Indian Raw is the most used and this is because of its versatility. Whether worn straight or barrel curls this hair can take heat well as well as hold the curl. And will flat iron perfectly to giving a silky smooth end result 
Next there are NO 2 identical raw bundles. I’m stressing this as most important because I’ve gotten feedback about the difference between bundles of an order. This is better understood when you know the process of acquiring the hair from the donor. They most likely will be able to make 3-5 short bundles if the donor has 30 inches of hair. Or use the entire hair as a longer bundles. There’s no 2 people with exactly the same hair. Also you need to also understand that you can achieve all being the same color by simply doing a rinse to ensure all bundles are exactly alike. 
Last but most important. Raw bundles come in 2 different types of feel to them. The dense and more of a “rough” feel bundles are actually the best. This is because this particular texture will hold heat best. You’ll also achieve a more silky look and feel when using the denser bundles. 
There are no “curly, wavy or anything outside of straight” for any Asian descent. Therefore when you read “Curly Indian, Wavy Cambodian or Deep Burnese” 
raw hair, BEWARE!! This is not RAW hair. RAW hair means NO CHEMICAL OR ANYTHING has been used on this hair. So if it’s anything textured the highest quality will be 12a and this is because to achieve these textures the hair is soaked in an industrial strength setting lotion then machine pressed for the end result. ONLY true RAW Bundles are in straight and body wave which though the body wave is made to be “body wave” it’s only STEAMED using water to achieve the texture and will not have the pattern after washing the hair it will resume its natural state. 

Why chose Evolved Creations or better said WHY TAKE STACEY’S ADVICE. 
I’m an avid, seasoned veteran hair wearer myself. And my journey has been like most of us lots of ups and downs pros and cons. I even remember ordering my first AliExpress purchase for $150 and was on the phone telling EVERYONE I hit the jackpot. Not realizing I jumped on the wheel that some of us are still on making this BILLION DOLLAR industry the way that it is. I eventually stopped and started researching. A few years back my best friend announced to me that her daughter had purchased raw bundles for her wedding style and they cost $900!! I distinctively recall saying “What’s wrong with her” why it cost so much” and I went on and on. But what I did was a game changer. I invested in some raw hair and yes I’ve purchased some that I was misled by. I’ve purchased some that was “wanna be raw but not quite there yet” and I finally found a vendor who delivered the best quality product. I’ve done everything from attempting to debunk its longevity by just wearing it as long as possible and doing as less as possible to see if it would really “SNAP BACK TO LIFE” and it did. I kept notes on my research that included how long did the curl last, how much shedding did it have, what smells did it have etc. my research, trial and error is your ADVANTAGE to not having to take the route I did. 
It’s SIMPLE MATH ladies. 
Why purchase at $250-300 6(bi-monthly) wigs that are Brazilian and will look amazing initially but will fail over a very short period of time leaving you $1500-1800/yr without nothing to show for it or purchasing TOP QUALITY RAW hair for $260-1200 (this is because longer lengths are expensive) and have hair that doesn’t have a short lifespan and with proper maintenance can be used for YEARS. I can’t testify to the 8yrs that some vendors say because I haven’t worn raw bundles that long but my 3y and 4.5y bundles which I’ve made a wig are still in circulation. They both look amazing and I’m satisfied with my experience because now instead of throwing money away I’m invested in the hair I purchase and my money spent tells 1 thing “IVE GOTTEN OFF THE CYCLE that made those in the industry rich and was leaving me wondering “WHATS WRONG WITH THIS SITUATION AND SOMEONE MAKE IT MAKE SENSE to keep wasting my hard earned money. 
C’mon ladies and let me take you on a journey that’s going to realign how you look at your future purchases, how so much better your styles turn out and most importantly how you’ve made a wise investment in your hair and keep that excess money in your pockets.

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